Direct and Indirect Profit Stream from PLR Products

PLR products can be used to profit directly or indirectly and irrespective of the way you choose, both are equally awesome.

Direct profiting from PLR product means that you will send money directly to your bank account or Crypto-currency account. This process sounds simple and obviously aims at selling PLR products to people and making your initial cost of purchase pay for itself, time and time again when you sell multiple copies. There are many online where you can browse for PLR products for sale but when doing so, make sure they offer instant downloads and compare prices and rights between suppliers, you always want to get the best rights you can for each product so you’re able to use it in more ways to grow your business.

Not all PLR products come with equal rights of distribution. Some PLR Products like Articles, eBooks, Videos, Courses, Plugins, Themes, Info products, Turn-key websites, Templates, etc. come with more stringent rules than the others. Example: Some Videos PLR rights may differ from others, like some video courses may allow you to completely rebrand the course with your design and then be able to offer resell rights to it.

Most reputable sources do not allow you to resell your PLR products, so how can you directly profit from them?

What you can do is, buy PLR products in bulk and get them rehashed by good content writers. Since there is no research involved, and you are offering work in bulk, you will get real cheap writers at websites like Writer stub or iWriters. Once you have the content revamped, now you can successfully call it your “own” creation. Which makes it void of all the previous licenses that it had. Make your license for the products and sell it at as a PLR product for a certain price, but as an MRR for at least double the value of the PLR product. Sounds simple?

When it comes to driving indirect revenue from PLR products, it is as easy as the direct methods. You can earn money from the best PLR products by either using them as hardcore promotional tools for your main services or products or you can embed your affiliate links into them and sell them as “instructional video series, eBooks or courses.”

There are countless Marketers on the Internet, who purchase ‘review PLR packs’ for the products in their genre. This gives them immediate access to loads of testimonials, reviews, web 2.0 fan blog articles etc., which they can use to promote their own products or affiliate products indirectly.

Another great way of generating passive income from PLR articles is by using them as the anchor for your backlinks from other websites. Not only will the PLR articles, increase your authority and reach in your industry, but they will also drive visitors from other websites to your den. Once the user is on your website, it will depend on the impact of your website copy (which can also be made out of PLR articles) to convert those visitors into customers.

PLR articles and eBooks can also be used into content spinners to generate lots of unique articles for backlinking purposes. When it comes to making money with PLR products, the sky is the limit.