Creating a Memorable ‘About Us’ Page

Your site’s ‘About Us’ page is probably one of its most trafficked pages, and most of your visitors probably come there to get a sense of your business’ credibility ad reputation. Instead of boring your visitors to tears with a lengthy biography, or overwhelming them with a long list of services, quickly engage them by directly addressing their needs. Below are seven ways to make your ‘About Us’ page more appealing to your customers.

Build a Brand, Not a Statement

It can be difficult for new internet marketing businesses to find themselves, and while a mission statement is a great place to start, a brand statement can help you find your place in the market. A solid brand platform can help you portray an image for your company, and it can help customers make positive mental associations. Your brand platform should include your company’s values, vision and mission, and it should tell customers about your company’s personality.

Keep it Short and Sweet

People want to know the story behind an internet marketing membership site, rather than read a historical timeline. Telling customers when the company was established is helpful, but potential customers would rather hear about your passion for the industry, or about how you overcame humble beginnings to be a success. Talking about how long you’ve been in business can be helpful, as long as that information is relevant. For instance, if you’re relatively new to the Internet Marketing field and you’re competing with established companies, focus on your innovative products rather than your company’s brief history.

Don’t be Overly Aggressive

A company’s ‘About Us’ page should focus on telling customers why the company is in business, rather than what you’re doing or how you started. Explaining why you’re in the industry helps establish your company as an authority, rather than telling customers how you’re better than your competitors. It’s OK to tell site visitors that you sell internet marketing courses online, but don’t spend a lot of time on explanations—that’s what service pages are for.

Tell Customers Who They’ll be Working With

A list of employees lends a sense of credibility to your company, and it tells potential buyers about your experience. If any of your site’s employees have industry certifications or college degrees, offer up a bit of background information. It might also be helpful to briefly describe each person’s role in the company, and how he or she contributes to the growth of your business.

End With a Call to Action

At the end of your ‘About Us’ page, leave customers with a call-to-action statement such as “Learn More” or “Click here to contact us”. This gives potential customers a reason to remain on your internet marketing education site, rather than exiting right after reading. IME’s training videos can tell you how to use the above tips to get customers to your site—and how to turn visitors into repeat buyers.

If customers want to learn more about your company and what you have to offer, they’ll take the time to read your ‘About Us’ page. By carefully assembling your page, you’ll give your site’s visitors a sense of your company’s reputation, goals and purpose. Use the page to tell people why you’re in the industry, and how your brand is different from the competition.